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From long tunnel to compact car washes, singles to multi-bay, Maintenance Technology Inc. (MTI) designs and installs automatic car wash equipment that minimizes valuable resources and downtime, and maximizes customer satisfaction and revenue. A leader in innovation and service, MTI provides quality alternative solutions for entrepreneurs and municipalities looking to install automatic car wash equipment. Our dedicated team has great talent and technical ability. Most importantly, everyone at MTI has a desire to deliver the best solution for each customer and provide the very best service in our industry.

Whatever your large vehicle or automatic car wash equipment needs, everyone at MTI looks forward to working with you to ensure that your business is profitable and enjoyable. Our company’s success depends on your excellent experience with us, and we look forward to being of service to you in the near future.

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Can I save money by recovering and re-using water?

Water is a major component in wash system operating costs. MTI has years of experience matching vendors and tactics to your specific situation which minimizes your water usage.

Is there specific criterial for design of a vehicle wash facility?

How your wash is laid out and the materials and equipment inside will pay you back over the life of the wash. MTI has experience that can help you make the right decisions.

What equipment and techniques can I use to reduce costs for operation?

Operating expenses for car wash owners are water consumption and disposal, energy usage, and equipment maintenance. MTI has resources to help in all these areas.

What is the best building material to construct a vehicle wash facility?

MTI partners with vendors offering products particular to the vehicle wash sector. These materials are designed specifically to perform in the wash environment.

Are there effective alternatives to fully automated vehicle washes?

Based on your needs and budget, MTI offers a full range of solutions for vehicle wash system - from fully automated to custom designed pressure wash installations.

Are there federal guide lines for sanitizing vehicles and facilities?

Any number of local, state, and federal guide lines could apply. MTI has the experience and equipment partners to identify and meet or exceed your requirements.

Are there permits required for constructing a wash facility?

MTI can support your business investment by participating in the preconstruction process, including permits. We offer turnkey solutions for retail car washes.

Are there regulations for discharging waste water?

MTI can help you understand local regulations for the treatment and discharge of waste water and provide strategies and equipment to meet them.

Can I build a car wash without access to municipal sewer?

MTI provides engineering support and sourcing to develop a strategy of low consumption equipment, recycling, and waste treatment to manage water disposal challenges.