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Truck Wash Equipment and Large Vehicle Washes

Truck Wash Equipment

A clean truck not only directly influences the perception of your company’s image, it also increases the equipment life cycle and improves fuel economy. MTI distributes, installs and maintains truck wash equipment that will protect your investment. MTI is experienced in providing equipment to serve small fleet, large multi-site operations and retail presentations.

Our designs and equipment are in use throughout the Northeast US and beyond. Our capabilities extend from project management of, turn-key, investment opportunities to retrofits of existing wash bays. Additionally, we are very experienced in water recovery, water re-use and wash water treatment systems that meet regulatory standards and comply with discharge concerns.

Fleet Wash Equipment

MTI offers consultation, design, equipment, installation and maintenance services to fleet owners, directors and operators. Our team is committed to understanding the specific application and implement a strategy that will efficiently manage available resources and provide a solution to effectively clean your fleet of vehicles.

Bus, Transit, Motor Coach and Paratransit

Clean busses deliver happy passengers and an image that conveys a well maintained and managed fleet.

MTI provides the equipment and practical, automated solutions that help private enterprises and municipal operations implement a cleaning process that is sensitive to available resources, recognizes costs, minimizes process time and appreciates the need to maximize the efficiency of maintaining clean busses.

As a full-service organization, MTI provides new equipment design solutions and replacement services.

Train Wash Equipment

During the train wash pre-design phase, MTI will offer engineering resources to help develop the necessary specifications for specific application. Our team is experienced interfacing with directors, fixed asset management, engineering and operators to implement new equipment, re-fit existing equipment and maintain train wash facilities. Our portfolio of work also includes, custom automation platforms, waste water treatment solutions and water re-use systems. Our entire service team is OSHA 10 certified and maintains ROW credentials.

Have a question about a large vehicle wash?

We can build the right vehicle wash system to maintain your trucks, trains, buses or fleets and protect your investment.

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Maintenance Tech Inc. delivers Innovation by Design.

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What Our Clients Say ...

If you are considering building a heavy vehicle wash facility, it’s my pleasure to strongly recommend Maintenance Tech Inc. to design, provide, install and maintain your equipment package. I had the privilege of working with Michael Snow and the MTI team when I designed and built the Truck Wash Express in Williston, North Dakota. The Truck Wash Express North Dakota facility is a three bay truck and heavy oil field equipment wash facility located in the heart of the Bakken oil field.

MTI helped us develop the wash program for the varied pieces of equipment and rolling stock encountered in an oil field and from that program developed and oversaw the installation of the complex equipment package. MTI also designed and fabricated several pieces of wash equipment that were tailored to the hostile and difficult cleaning environment in Western North Dakota. Their equipment and designs work beautifully.

More impressive, Michael went far beyond the normal call of duty in staying far from his home in Maine to ensure the entire equipment package worked properly and effectively. Once engaged in the mission, he was relentless in ensuring the wash facility would perform at the highest level possible.

I recommend Michael and his team at Maintenance Tech Inc. without reservation. They are creative in design, craftsman in fabrication and tenacious in execution.
- Chris Storm, CEO, Truck Wash Express
Are all chemistry used in vehicle washing safe and environmentally friendly?

No. Some chemistry on the market is not only dangerous to the environment, but also to your employees and equipment. MTI will help you select safe, proven, and effective products.

Are there federal guide lines for sanitizing vehicles and facilities?

Any number of local, state, and federal guide lines could apply. MTI has the experience and equipment partners to identify and meet or exceed your requirements.

Can I save money by recovering and re-using water?

Water is a major component in wash system operating costs. MTI has years of experience matching vendors and tactics to your specific situation which minimizes your water usage.

Can my wash system be used for snow removal?

Wash equipment, particularly blowers, may be effective for snow removal. MTI can help evaluate multi-tasking your existing equipment or providing custom modifications.

Does MTI have the resources to service and support what they sell?

MTI can absolutely support you after the sale with phone support and parts. MTI has technicians and trucks on the road every day servicing customers in the Northeast.

How do I calculate ROI for capital improvement projects at my wash?

The team at MTI has years of experience calculating wash pricing, estimating wash utilization, and predicting operating expenses which are key components to calculate ROI.

What is the best building material to construct a vehicle wash facility?

MTI partners with vendors offering products particular to the vehicle wash sector. These materials are designed specifically to perform in the wash environment.

What is the better equipment for a wash, touch-free or touch?

Both methods can product clean, shiny vehicles, but only one may be suited to your particular site and situation. MTI can help you determine which is best for you.

What is the potential savings by automating instead of hand washing?

Automating your bus wash will reduce labor, decrease water and chemical usage, improve quality, reduce downtime, get salt off chassis, and control discharge.